The Banner newspaper reported on July 27, 2011 that the Highland Companies had donated $35,000 to the provincial Liberals and $10,000 to the Conservatives.

The Companies’recent application to the Ministry of Natural Resources would see 2,316 acres of prime farmland in Melancthon turned into one of the largest limestone open-pit mines in Canada. The information comes from Robert MacDermind, an associate professor of political science at York University who has spent years researching corporate contributions to political campaigns.–highland-a-larger-liberal- contributor

Rob’s response

This Green Only Takes Donations from People

It is part of the Green Party platform and a big part of our local campaign to have such donations made illegal for municipal and provincial elections in Ontario. I’m not sure if politicians are just naive or dishonest when they claim that donations from unions or corporations don’t affect their policies. Without a shadow of doubt, I know that these donations play a huge role in government policy and decision making. The absence of an automatic environmental assessment for pits and quarry applications should be proof enough.

If only such donations were illegal I’m sure municipal and provincial politicians across Ontario would do a much better job of representing their constituents.